Specialty Cakes in Bensalem, Pennsylvania

Count on H.F. Hornberger Bakery to satisfy your sweet tooth. We specialize in wedding cakes, but we also have an amazing variety of specialty cakes, fresh pastries and cookies. Come visit us at our location in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.

Wedding Cakes

If you can dream it, our experts can create it. Our bakers make a variety of moist delicious cake flavors which include vanilla pound, raspberry swirl and marble pound. Each tier of your wedding cake can be a different flavor or you can have every tier the same. Our phenomenal decorator can create anything from a simple sheet cake to a six tier wedding cake. Please call us to schedule your Wedding Consultation. This consists of a taste test and a design session. We suggest you come in to meet with us about 2 months prior to your wedding date. We have thousands of pictures of cakes we have done for you to look at - we even have a Bling Book for the latest in Jeweled Cakes - or feel free to bring in your own picture or drawing. No matter what you have in mind for your special day, we know we can help make your dream wedding a reality.
White Chocolate Wedding Cake —Bensalem, PA - Hf Hornberger Bakery

Made from Scratch Real Butter Cookies

When you visit our store in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, one of the first things you'll notice when you walk in the door is the smell. That wonderful, sweet smell of home-baked goodness. Remember baking cookies with grandmom when you were little? We are the only Bakery in Bensalem that still bakes those cookies from scratch and they are available every day! We charge by weight, so get as many or few as you like. We have boxes, trays and baskets. We can package up your cookies any way you want. We also deliver! Contact us today for more details.


Here at H.F. HornbergerBakery in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, we don't just do wedding cakes. We can create everything from small round birthday cakes for your family party to a Fondant Topsy-Turvy Sweet 16 tower for 300 guests. We have donuts, danish and coffee for your quick breakfast on the way to work, we have coffee cake and cinnamon buns for Sunday brunch, we have cupcakes for your child's school birthday party, we have bite-size treats for party trays, we have ice-cream cakes made with cake and ice-cream and those yummy chocolate crunchies, and we have 25 books of theme cakes for every occasion! And don't forget us at the holidays! We have an amazing variety of one-of-a-kind cake for every holiday! We can satisfy every special occasion or everyday need.
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Contact usin Bensalem, Pennsylvania, for more information about our wedding and specialty cakes, fresh pastries, and holiday treats at 215-244-3258.